Customer Advice.


SPL requires customers to advise SPL Management immediately of the following.

  1. If the customer is accommodating mandatory isolation guests as required under the Federal Government announcement stating that: 

As of 11:59 pm on Saturday 28 March 2020, all travellers arriving in Australia via air or seaports will be required to undergo 14 days isolation in the city of their arrival.

2. If any staff or guest has been diagnosed with Covid-19

3. If the customer is planning to close their business either a permanent or temporary basis.

4. Customers who have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 guest should contact SPL to obtain information for the preparation of soiled linen for collection.


Covid-19 Management


In the wake of COVID-19 disruptions, SPL’s preparedness will be evident through the following planning actions.

  • Using a structured planning process that builds on day-to-day operations
  • Identifying and anticipating potential risks
  • Ensuring business processes continue to operate
  • Providing for employee safety and welfare
  • Developing strategies for dealing with potential operational problems
  • Implementing emergency plans as early as possible
  • Maintaining effective crisis communications
  • Planning for business recovery


Handling soiled textiles.

All SPL facilities have reviewed universal precautions for handling and laundering textiles and adhering to federal and state requirements for the protection of personnel from exposure to pathogens. Same for personal protective equipment (PPE) standards. 


Washing guidelines. 


SPL distributed to all its processing plant the relevant portions of the World Health Organization 

(WHO) guide to controlling epidemic- and pandemic-prone acute respiratory infections. 

SPL is collaborating with the Laundry Association of Australia (LAA), which is working with State and Federal Health on that nation’s procedures for handling and washing. The same fundamental principle that applies to all healthcare textiles is used for washing items potentially soiled with COVID-19: every piece is treated as infectious. Wash chemistry, temperature, time and mechanical action are optimized to remove contaminants.


Advising and protecting SPL employees. 

SPL has documented highlights of WHO’s explanation of COVID-19 fundamentals on symptoms and community mitigation to all SPL staff. This presentation in no way trivializes or downplays the coronavirus’ disruption potential or the possibility of outbreaks. The lack of clarity regarding how and when the virus is transmitted is noted; the guidance represents only the best and most current information at the time of its publication. SPL branch management has also received interim guidance on workplace strategies to use now and synopsis of considerations for creating an outbreak response plan.

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